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Weather, Cloud Cover, Moon Phase, Night Sky and Aurora Forecast

By Dr. Robert Berdan
March 2, 20124



Watch the Aurora in Yellowinife at Aurora village Live - Not Time Lapse by Kwon, O chul

Used Nikon D4, at ISO 6400, 24 mm f/1.4 lens


Current Aurora Alerts from


First Scienctific evidence of sound associated with the Aurora - stay tuned for updates, visit site - May 13, 2013


Auroral Acoustics research


Watch the time lapse movie of the Aurora by Zoltan Kenwell and Edmonton, Photographer



Jan. 27th, at 18:37 UT (11:37 am Calgary Time) an X-FLARE was released from the sun from departing sunspot 1402. Flares are rated A, B, C, M and X with X class being the biggest and potentially destructive. NOAA forecasters estimate a 15% chance of geomagnetic storms at high latitudes. View animation showing the coronal mass discharge - it will just miss the earth when its edge passes by our planet on Jan. 30-31. The recent M9 class flare on Monday January 23 hit the earth on Tuesday, January 24 producing brilliant auroras in Norway, but only faint aurora in the Calgary area - see article. Stay tuned for updates on this new X2 class flare and be on the lookout for the Aurora between Jab 28 and Jan 31. NOAA forecasters estimate a 30% chance of minor geomagnetic storms on Jan. 30th in response to a possible glancing blow from a coronal mass ejection (CME).

Calgary Latitude: 51.05515
Calgary Longitude: -114.06244
Calgary Local Time Click Here:


Calgary Weather Office Environment Canada
Calgary Weather Forecast
Banff Weather Forecast
Kananaskis Weather Forecast
Drummheller Weather Forecast
Waterton Weather Forecast
Yellowknife Weather Forecast
Canada Weather Map

  Calgary Sunrise and Sunset time
Banff Sunrise and Sunset time

AMA road conditions and cameras around Alberta
Alberta Highways Cameras
Calgary and Banff Weather Cams by RASC

  World Sunlight Map - Shows map of parts of the world in light and ark

View Moon calendar for any specific month of the year.

Monthly Dark Sky Calendar based on the moon

Moonrise and set - RASC


Space Sunspots, Aurora, Current Aurora Oval, Solar Wind

Solar Terrestrial Activity

SOHO Solar and Helisospheric Observatory - information about the Sun

Current Solar Data from NOAA


Solar X-rays:  

Geomagnetic Field:  


  Weather Forecast for Astronomy - shows map of Canada and current cloud cover

Real Time Aurora Satellite images

Canadian Space Science Data Portal - Real Time Aurora Oval

3 Hr planetary KP index

THEMIS - GBO Real Time Data from across Canada


Canada space weather and aurora forecast by region
Canada space weather forecast by magnetic activity 27 days
Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Sterling AB - Aurora forecast
Astronomy North - Aurora Forecast in Yellowknife, NT
Astronomy North - Current sunspots and Live AuroraMax photos
Astronomy North Solar Cycle Update
Aurora Forecast for White Horse in the Yukon
Aurora Forecast for Northern Canada by Alaska Institute

Auroral forecast from    

University of Alberta Aurora watch based on magnetic field readings updates every 12 seconds.


RASC Calgary Center - Viewing Tonight Web page - similar to this page includes night sky map

What's up in the Sky - this weeks Sky at a Glance at Sky and Telescope

Free Night Sky Maps for the Northern Hemisphere that can be printed (optimized for 41 N).

Click to view enlarged map - click on coloured squares to see detailed map of Western Canada and cloud location


Alberta CloudCover Map

Clear Sky Chart for Calgary, Alberta

View Clear Sky Charts for other cities in Alberta

To see CMC's full map for a particular hour, click on a colored block. The CMC map your browser will load will be the map closest to the hour you picked. The time on the CMC map might look odd because it's in GMT, while the blocks on the chart are in local time.


Down load a free program that shows you an interactive Map with location of sun and moon rise and set at any particular location and date - requires Adobe Air. Download at:

Click here or on the picture Above to view the Aurora live in Yellowknife
- the picture on the right updates every 5 seconds (note the camera is only operational when its dark) .

Additional Aurora Web sites

Aurora and Space Science Research - For Geeks only

Aurora Articles and Photo Galleries by Robert Berdan


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