Submission Guidelines to be a Featured Photographer or Artist

by Robert Berdan May 1, 2021

I welcome short articles from anyone interested in Nature Photography or Microscopy - amateur or professional from anywhere in the world. I also welcome articles from painters. There is no renumeration for the articles, the main benefit is that the photographer\artist gets their work presented to a growing audience of over 20,000 visitors plus a month. The article and pictures copyright remains with the author. The author may submit the articles or a version of the article to a print magazine if they like. The article must be different from any currently posted on any other web site and should not be submitted to another web site otherwise Google will penalize both sites for duplicate content. I am not interested in professional bloggers - I am looking for educational and inspirational articles with the authors original text and images (no advertising except contact information and links to the authors web site, and social media).

St. Mary's panorama, Newfoundland by Robert Berdan

Panoramic photo of St. Mary's Newfoundland with nesting Gannets - 1200px wide

Unlike print magazines the articles will be displayed for years. I will be happy to link from your article to your web site, portfolio, web galleries and or social media site (e.g. Facebook). I also recommend that you link from your site back to the article you wrote.

Subject Material

The topics I am interested in showing on this web site are those that deal with Nature photography (wildlife, landscapes, macrophotography, photomicrography, astronomy, night sky, travel and adventure photography, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, underwater photography, etc from anywhere in the world ). The articles can also discuss new techniques, innovative equipment, software reviews, e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom, PTGui etc. If you have a new photo-book or ebook you would like to promote I would be happy to feature it. I will also feature portfolio images along a nature theme so long as you include some text and picture descriptions. The length of articles can be as short as one or two paragraphs or you can write several thousand words if you like. I am also interested in presenting the the biology or science behind your subjects. Scientific names of species are welcome, but not required.

If you are unsure you may suggest a topic by contacting me and providing your web site or other image e.g. Flickr- I will get back to you quickly. Please note sometimes I may be in the field for a week or two and away from my computer. Articles should be typed e.g. Microsoft word document, or pasted into an email so I can cut and paste your text. Please check spelling and grammar. Please include short captions for the images, technical information is encouraged (e.g. f-stop, shutter speed, ISO speed etc) and if you want the images inserted into specific locations in your article please indicate this in your text. If you take text for your article from another source e.g. please be sure to include any attribution information with a link.I reserve the right to make small changes in the text, you will have an opportunity to view and corrects or changes before the article is posted.

Preparation of the images

Images are accepted in .jpg format 1200px wide - each image will have alt="description of picture and authors name" embedded in the HTML code so they will be indexed by Google. The authors name should be included on the picture along with a copyright symbol. Please use 14 pt Arial, Helvetica or Verdana font with a copyright symbol (alt 0169 PC or Option-G on a Mac or use the new Glyphs palette in Photoshop CC). You may also want to include your web address (URL) on the picture - I will be doing this for my images from now on. If you prefer you may embed your signature instead if you know how. Watermarks that cover the images are not permitted. A one pixel black stroke around the image will make it stand out from the white background. If you would like to combine several images inside of one like that shown below that is fine. I will likely combine vertical images into 2 or 3 image montages to keep size reasonable on the page. Numbrer of images to submit should be between 8-20 max, note that not all images may be selected.

4 pictures embedded in a single 1200 px image - this might work if you have a lot of images you want to share

Multiple images embedded in a single image - this allows you to include even more pictures if you need to.

Portrait and Contact information

I would like to include a portrait of each author along with contact information and short biography like the example below. Minimum size of the portrait is 200 x 300 pixels. Consider including: your web site url, flickr or other online portfolio link, email address, social media links and phone number. You can also include additional links that might be relevant to your article e.g. google maps, etc. This section will be at the bottom of your article and it is where you can promote yourself and your photography. If potential buyers contact me I will put them in touch with you based on your contact information.


Authors Biography & Contact Information - Example


Portrait of Robert BerdanRobert Berdan is a professional nature photographer living in Calgary, AB specializing in nature, wildlife and science photography. Robert offers photo guiding and private instruction in all aspects of nature photography and Adobe Photoshop training.

Email at:
Web site:
Phone: MST 9am -7 pm (403) 247-2457.

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