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free presentation by Dr Robert Berdan

Aphid photographed with a scanning electron microscope 50X

Tuesday May 21 from 6:30-8:00 pm at the Cochrane Public Library
presented by the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation - FREE

Suitable for Children over age of 10 and adults interested in Nature
you will see pictures and movies of micro-organisms, arthropods, crystals, and cells

Google Map to Cochran Library


April Article Postings

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Moose in Winter by Philippe Henry ©  

A Woman In The Winter Land Of Moose by Philippe Henry Last February 2018, I started to film the French photographer Véronique Amiard that lives in Gaspésie, Quebec. My goal was to make a one hour wildlife documentary - read more.

Snowy owl in flight by Dr. Wayne Lynch ©  

Snowy Owls by Dr. Wayne Lynch
In Alberta this past winter we had the coldest February in 83 years. For many weeks, temperatures ranged between -20° and -35° C. At the same time we had an influx of wintering snowy owls - read more.

Compound microscope by Robert Berdan ©  

Tips for Buying a Light Microscope by Dr. Robert Berdan.
There is a microscopic universe all around us filled with alien creatures and crystals with colours like no where else on the planet. Many microscopic sized items even include the food we eat - read more.




If you might be interested please email me and I will put you on email list and contact you when I have at least a half dozen interested. I am hoping this might appeal to bryologists, insect biologists, freshwater biologists, geologists, coin or stamp collectors, gemologists etc. If you are interested please Email me: - I have three folks interested so far.



Spring Wildflowers - Saturday June 8 - Max 3. Cost is $299 per person. I am limiting many of my workshops to small groups in this case maximum of 3 so that I can provide transportation for everyone and more personal instruction. All participants will receive my ebook on Macrophotography with some 90 pages of information. There will be a voluntary follow up session and critique. All level of photographers are welcome - but since this workshop is limited don't wait until the last minute. Lady slippers, Calypso orchids are just a few of the flowers we will be photographing.

Waterfalls & Rainforest Workshop - July 13-14 - Max 3 - $599. We will travelling to the Revelstoke area and stay overnight in a hotel (the hotel costs are extra). We will be doing some short hikes. I will provide transportation from my place. We will leave early Saturday morning and be back Sunday evening.

Red Rock Coulée, Badlands and southern Alberta prairies June 22-23 Max of 3 - $599. In this workshop we will be visting Dinosaur Park, staying overnight in Medicine Hat, hiking Red Rock Coulée then travelling through southern Alberta to photograph the prairies, old towns, barns etc. returning Sunday evening. I provided the transportation.

Private training in Photoshop, or Photography, Macrophotography or Photomicrography is availablre throughout the year $60\hr or $299 for a day. This includes training in Photorestoration using Adobe Photoshop.

Note if you have a gift certificate - contact me to make arrangements for training or a photo trip of your choosing. The certificate never expires.




Have Old Photos you want fixed - I offer Photorestoration and I teach photorestoration using Adobe Photoshop for those those that might like to learn how to do this or have a lot of photos to be restored. .



Nikon 500 mm F4 lens in Mint Condition - asking $8449.00 - listed on Kijji I am selling it to help pay for my new research microscope.

Nikon 500 mm F4 lens for sale by Robert Berdan


If you are looking for a day trip or photo instruction I am available during the week and weekends - call me to discuss your interests 403 247-2457. I welcome photographers of all level of experience from beginners to pros and I can provide transportation to anywhere within a couple of hours drive of Calgary. CALL ME or EMAIL ME.

NEW - I now offer photomicrography services on my other web site: Science & Art Photography including equipment rental in my studio.


Robert Berdan

Calgary, AB
403 247-2457