Canadian Nature Photographer Feb 2015 Newsletter

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Dear friends and fellow photographers: There were four new articles posted in January. Two showing photoshop tips and tricks by myself and by Dr. Wayne Lynch. Dave Lilly shares some recent photos of Wild Turkeys and Clive Smith shares features on a new generation High Speed Trigger. Click on the thumbs or links below to see these articles. If you are looking for more photoshop tips check out Dr. Lynch's "Easy Make Photoshop Recipes" E-book.

What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Blending Textures with your Photos using Adobe Photoshop by Dr. Robert Berdan An interesting technique in Adobe Photoshop is to take two or more pictures and blend them together. Usually I use a regular picture and a 2nd image that I layer on top the top that consists of a texture like wood, rust, old metal, cloth, or patterned paper. Then I select one of 27 different blending modes - view tutorial, pictures and videos.

Sky Replacement: From Washed Out to Wow (Photoshop Tips & Tricks) by Dr. Wayne Lynch A dramatic silhouette set against a fiery sky can be an exciting photograph to capture. But if you have the same luck as me, often when the subject is perfect the sky ends up being deadly dull, or when the sky is stunning the only subject in sight is my road-weary tripod. The good news is that Photoshop can save the day. See pictures and article.

Wild Turkeys by Dave Lilly ©

Wild Turkeys of Alberta by David Lilly When another photographer told me about a flock of Wild Turkeys south of Calgary I had to go and photograph them. The last opportunity I had to photograph wild Turkeys was in Cypress Hills Provincial park, Alberta. The Common Name: Wild Turkey, is also referred to as: Merriam’s Turkey Genus species: Meleagris gallopavo. Read aritcle on Wild Turkeys.

CamsFormer: The Next Generation DSLR remote, High Speed Trigger,and Pan/Tilt/Zoom by Clive Smith A lot of amazing photography inventions have come along recently, and CamsFormer is certainly among the best. CamsFormer is really the Next Generation swiss army knife of photography accessories. A combination of Trigger Trap, and a CamRanger type of device, with built in 3-axis motorized pan/tilt/zoom control all in one read more.

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3. I offer private training on Photography and Adobe Photoshop CC on a one-on-one basis throughout January and February. Cost is $249 for 6 hours training, or $499 for 15 hours. I also offer gift certificates on the web site for private training or upcoming photo-workshops if you are looking for gifts for the photographers in your family.

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