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Canadian Nature Photographer January 1, 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends: As we enter 2012 I have been thinking how I can improve the Canadian Nature Photographer web site. If you have some thoughts on what you would like to see please e-mail me with your suggestions and I will see what I can do.

Adult Male Phidippus mystaceus Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan - the eyes look like Christmas ornaments.

My goal is to continue to publish a diverse range of photography articles that I hope will inspire and educate visitors. I will continue to recruit featured articles from a diverse range of talented photographers and artists. This month there are 6 new articles including one on macrophotography of spiders and insects, 3 articles on bird photography, one on the deer rut and another on how to repair old damaged photos using Photoshop. To read and view photographs from any of these new articles please click on the thumbnail images or links below or visit the home page. Watch for the publication of new articles on a weekly basis.

What's Hot and New Click on the photos or links to read the latest photography articles

Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan ©  

Macro Photography of Insects and Spiders by Thomas Shahan. I’m currently using a Pentax K200D with either a vintage 28mm or 50mm prime reversed to the end of extension tubes. In the rare chance that I have a highly cooperative subject, I may bust out my macro bellows for some really high magnification shots. View macrophotographs, video and article.

Clash of the Titans by Jim Cumming ©  

The Ottawa Rut of 2011 by Jim Cumming. Well the rut of 2011 has come to an end here in Ottawa and this year was just as awe inspiring as it was back in 2008 when I first ventured out to the Old Quarry Trail in the  NCC Greenbelt located near my home with my Canon 40D and 70-200 mm f4 lens. Read more about the Ottawa rut....

Image restoration by Robert Berdan  

Restoring Old Photos in Adobe Photoshop by Dr. Robert Berdan Have you ever rummaged through the attic, garage or basement and found a box of old photos?  These gems are windows to the past. Prior to each Christmas I usually get a few phone calls from customers looking to have some of their photos repaired so they can give them as gifts to their loved ones. Read more on how you can fix your own images...


Photographing Eagles on Lac LaRonge by Dale Mierau Eagles mate for life and return to the same nest each year. Each year the pair adds material to the nest. Large nests can a reach diameter of over four meters and weigh more than a ton. One of the pair stays at, or near the nest during the 35-day incubation period. Read more and view photographs.

Snowy owl in flight by Robert Berdan ©  

White Ghosts of the Prairies - Photographing Snowy Owls Near Calgary by Dr. Robert Berdan. Snowy owls (Bubo scandiacus) are the second largest owl in Canada the largest being the Great Gray Owl. In winter snowy owls migrate to the wind swept prairies that resemble the wide open spaces of the arctic tundra .... to learn more read and view photographs.

Glenn Bartley the 7 Elements of Great Bird Photography  

The 7 Elements of a Great Bird Photograph by Glenn Bartley In order to create beautiful images of birds on a consistent basis it is important to understand the many elements that combine to make a good photo. These include the exposure, composition, light, sharpness, perch, pose and background. These components are not absolute rules that must be followed in every image. Read more .....

No doubt many of you will be using your cameras over the holidays to photograph friends and family. I received my first SLR camera on December 25, 1970 - it was an Olympus OM-1 Camera with a 50 mm F1.8 lens and it changed my life. The photo below was taken on Christmas morning and after 42 years of shooting I am still obsessed with taking pictures. Not only is it fun, but I believe photography encourages us see and appreciate more of our surroundings. Photography is a wonderful hobby, profession and also a powerful tool to record and document what matters to us. Digital photography is easier and cheaper (no film costs) then ever before, but taking great pictures still takes time, imagination, seeing and skill which can all be improved through practice, education and evaluation. The camera can also provide an outlet for creativity and help us reduce stress in our daily lives. You can do a little or a lot - it's up to you.

One of my first photographs - Sunrise over Midland Bay Christmas - 1970
(taken with an Olympus OM-1 camera and 50 mm F1.8 lens while I lay on the snow).

Upcoming Photography Workshops

All Saturday Photoshop workshops in my studio include: lunch, notes, DVD with tutorial files and Quicktime movies showing you step-by-step how to process the images in the tutorials so you can review them at your own pace.

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Happy New Year

Robert Berdan
Calgary, AB
403 247-2457

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