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          Articles by Robert Berdan

Vitamin B12 and Sodium Chloride Crystals by Light Microscopy
The Science & Art of Wine Crystals by Polarized Light Microscopy - Abstract Art by Dr. Robert Berdan and Brandon Berdan
Large Panoramic Images taken with a Light-Microscope of Aspen and Elodea Leaves

Crystals by Polarized Light Microscopy Science & Art Part II

Photomicrography of Crystals with a Polarizing Microscope for Art’s Sake

Introduction to Euglenids (Euglenoids)

Nassulids -  Colourful Ciliates found
in Pond Water

Didinium nasutum
versus Paramecium caudatum Predator and Prey
Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) Microscopy Curved Crystals Polarized Light Microscopy
Rotifers Revisted - Including Sessile and Colony Forming Rotifers
Cell Phone Cameras, Dedicated Digital Cameras and DSLR Cameras for Photomicrography
Polarization Microscopy The Motic BA310 Polarizing Microscope a Review
Chaoborus the phantom midge fly larva Epi-Fluorescence Microscopy of Protists Photomicrography of Rotifers II Brachionus and Philodina
The Microscopy Beauty of Plants and Trees
Ponds, Marshes and Wetlands... Alberta Landscapes Part II
Alberta Landscapes Part I
Alberta Wildlife Photography
The Micro-Universe - microscopic life
Microscopic Pond Life Summer of 2019
Tips for Buying a Microscope
Crystals Photographed with Polarization Microscopy: Water, Beer, Caffeine, Vitamins, Amino Acids and Human Tears

Photographing Snowy Owls Calgary
The Art of Seeing Elements of Design
The Eye of the Beholder
Adams River Photographing the Salmon Kananaskis Provincial Park Photography
Arctic Photography Workshop 2018
Photomicrography of Hydra
Frank Lake - Birding Hotspot Calgary
Photographing Water-fleas Daphnia
Photographing Gastrotichs
Photographing Rotifers
Photographing Ciliates

Photographing Stentors in Freshwater
Photograph Water Bears (Tardigrades)
How to Take Pictures with a Microscope
Photomicrography of Protozoa and Rotifers
Home Microscopy Laboratory
Diatoms by J. T. Redmayne 1877

Photographing Nature - Large Format Camera
Autumn in the Canadian Rockies
Arctic Adventure Photography workshop 2017
Focus Stacking Photoshop, Helicon Focus and Zerene
Wild Arctic - book review
Photographing Microscopic Plant & Animal Life
Scanning Electron Microscopy - Photography
Using Scanners as a Microscope
Rheinberg Filters for Photomicrography
Tribute G. Brybycin Photographer 1934-2017
The Art & Science of Photomicrography
Microscopic Life in Ponds and Rainwater
Photographing Through a Microscope
Tips on Macrophotography
Elements of Design and Composition

Understanding Colour for Photographers
Is Photography Art?
Photographing Owls in Winter

Photoshop 2017CC - What's New
Customized USB – Marketing Tool
Photographing Winter & Wildlife Calgary - I

Photographing Winter & Wildlife Calgary - II
Photographing in Autumn at Lake O'hara
Fall Colours Georgian Bay and Muskoka
Horseshoe Canyon part of Alberta's Badlands
Jazz and the Sounds of Nature
Outdoor Lifestyle Photography
Photographing in Jasper National Park
Walking with Wolves
Tips for Better Landscape Photography Google Nik Photo Editing Software now Free
Photoshop 2015.1.2 - What's New
Artic Adventure Photography Workshop 2015
Candian Rockies Wildlife E-book - review
Wild Turkeys in Alberta
Blending Textures with Photoshop
Tamron 150-600 mm Lens
Mule Deer in Fish Creek Park
Roadkill - How to avoid hitting Wild Animals
Partial Solar Eclipse 2014
Arctic Photo Adventure 2014
East Coast of Canada III
East Coast of Canada II
Hangin with the Caribou
Arctic Photo Adventure - How to Prepare
Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia
Birds with Nikon's 500 mm lens
Camera Sensor cleaning tips
Photoshop CC First impressions
Winter Wildlife 2014
A Lonely Winter Day in December
Adding Motion Blurr
Kids & Photography
Mushroom Photography
Virtual Tour of the Northwest Territories
Photographing Caribou
Arctic Adventure 2013
Better Autumn Photographs
Intro to HDR photography
Red Rock Coulee revisited
360 Spherical photography Alberta
Photography of Hälle Flygare
Newfoundland Part III
Newfoundland Part II
Newfoundland Part I
Birds of Prey Center
Photographing Tundra Swans
Collecting Maple Syrup
Great Gray Owls
West Coast of Vancouver Island
Spherical Panoramas
Snowy Owls Part II
Photographing Foxes
Beauty of Rock Art
Winter Photography 2012
Digital Photography Filters
Star Trail Photomontages in CS6
Yellowknife to Point Lake NWT
Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park
Solar Photography by A. Friedman
Observatory Bed & Breakfast
Panoramic Planet Photography
Photographing in my Backyard
Revelstoke area - waterfalls
George Brybycin - photographer
Rockies from a Helicopter
The Common Robin
This is Canada in photographs
Contemporary Photography
False Colour Imaging
Creating Cyanotype photographs
Mothership III Adventures
Spring Time Aurora in Calgary
Photoshop CS6 Beta - First Impression
Photographing the Road
Bella Coola Valley of Grizzlies
Calgary Aurora Jan 25, 2012
Tripod Overview
Restoring Old Photographs
Photographing Snowy Owls
Sheep River Provincial Park
Simulate an Oil Painting
Groundscape Photography
Photoshop's Cut Out Filter
Star Trail Photography
Time lapse photography tutorials
Ocean Falls - Ghost Town
Photographing the Night Sky
Arctic Adventure III Workshop
The Ingraham Trail and Aurora
Bird Photography at Weed Lake, AB
Photographing the Aurora in Calgary
Grasslands National Park
Photography at the Calgary Zoo
Photographing Lake O'hara
Lake Superior North East Shore
Carmanah Valley - Rainforest
Dr. Wayne Lynch - The Owl King
How to shoot video DSLR camera
Nootka Sound and Trail
Under Water Photography
Photographing Tonquin Valley
Photographing Georgian Bay
Photographing Shore Birds
How to Photograph in the Fog
Hoar Frost Photography
Multiple Exposure Twirl Photography
Black and White abstracts
Kananaskis Country
Best Places in the Rockies II
How to Choose Photo Workshop
Best Places in the Rockies I
Managing Digital Image Files
Photographing Canadian Wolves
How to Avoid a Whiteout (PDF)
Will of the Land - book review
Who is visiting this Site?
Taking pictures via a Microscope
Patterns, Textures and Abstracts
On becoming a Nature Photographer
The Essence of Autumn Ontario
Get Ready for Winter Photography
How to Shop for a Digital Camera
Chasing Caribou and the N lights
Wild Cougar Photography
How to Use ND Grad Filters
The Magic of Black and White
Nature Photographers Checklist
How to photograph Waterfalls
What is an F-stop?
Dinosaur Country
Red Rock Coulee
Prairie Photography Expedition
How to Photograph Flowers
Arctic Adventure
Car window supports
What's New in Photoshop CS5
Photographing Grizzly Bears
Panoramic photography
How to Photograph Birds in Flight
Digital Photography Basics
Symmetry in Art and Photography
How Make New Photos look Old
Hockney Style Collages
Wildflower Photography
Aurora Photography
Joy of Winter Photography
Composition - Tips
Photographing from a Kayak
On achieving a personal style
Birds in Flight PDF
Fireworks Photography (PDF)
The Art of Seeing (PDF)
Tribute to Budd Watson

Alphabetical list of Featured Photographer Articles

Duane Allen - Kermode Photography
Glenn Bartley - 7 Elements of a Great Bird Photographs
Ken Bell - Fall Colors in Ontario’s Central Highlands
Ken Bell - Red Rock Coulee
Ken Bell - Drumheller Hoodoos
Karl Berdan - Midland - Gateway to the 30,000 Islands
Karl Berdan - Autumn in Huronia
Adam Berdan - Working in the High Arctic
Thomas Boldt - Toronto's Urban Nature and Wildlife
Bhaskar Bhowmik - Photographing Iceland
Bhaskar Bhowmik - Photographing the Night Sky
Marni J. Bradford - Digital Infrared Photography
Wayne Bennett - Creating an HDR Image
Viginia Boulay - Landscape Painting
George Brybycin - High Altitude Photography
Floris van Breugel Inspiring Curiosity
Laura Brule - Good Fortune Flower Photography
Slyvain Champagne - Beauty and The Bruce/Grey County in Ontario
Dr. Agnes Chan - Twelve days in Patagonia Tina Claffey Miniature World of the Bog Wilderness
Chris Collacott - Fine Art Panoramic Photography
Monte Comeau - Photographing Loons
Monte Comeau - Getting a Lower Point of view o
J Cooper & S Jackson - The Fine Line
Stirling Clark - Horseshoe Lake Reflections
Jim Cumming - One Foggy Morning in Ottawa
Jim Cumming - The Ottawa Rut
Ken Crebbin - Hummingbird Photography Tips
Ken Crebbin - Wintering Bald Eagles on the Bow River
Ken Crebbin - Backyard Birds
Jaymes Dempsey - My View Through the Lens
Joe Desjardins - Moose of Smith Dorrien/Spray Trail
Stephen DesRoches - Why are We Photographers?
Peter A. Dettling - ... the Calanda Wolves
Peter Dettling - Eye to Eye with Wolves of Banff
Peter Dettling - Of Wolves & Turkeys
Alan Dyer - Shoot the Solar Eclipse
Alan Dyer - How to Capture the Milky Way
Alan Dyer - Shooting Stars Part I & II
Spenser Dove - Long Exposure Seascapes
Gudrun Ebbinghoff - iPhonegraphy - Natural Subjects
Stephen Elms - Ontario’s Provincial Park
Patrick Endres - Photographing the Northern Lights
Steve Fagan - Shooting Close to Home
Jack Farley - Photographing Wildlife in Ontario
Dan Feldhauser - Featured Artist
Frank Fox - Macrophotography and Photomicrography
Alan Friedman - Astrophotography of the Sun
Halle Flygare - Wildflowers in the Canadian Rockies
Dr. Sharif Galal - What makes a Good Photograph?
Dr. Sharif Galal - Ras Mohamed Marine National Park
Dr. Sharif Galal - The Great Salmon run Adams River BC

Dr. Sharif Galal - The Great Grey Owl (Strix nebulosa)
Dr. Sharif Galal - Rocky Mountain Marmot
Debra Garside - Spirit Bears
Debra Garside - Horse Photography
Debra Garside - Horses of Sable Island
Christian Gavin Flowers: A Trude Natures Gift
Christian Gavin - Canadian Birds
Christian Gavin - Wildlife photography
Dr. Janice Glime - Bryophyte Ecology
Patrice Grilli - Macrophotography of Insects
Gerd Günther Photography beyond the visible
Chris Harris - The Wildfire Summer of 2017
Chris Harris - Photography, Passion, and Publishing
Horses of Sable Island
Spirit Bears & The Great Bear Rainforest
Dean Hebert - Abstracts, Minimalism, Landscape
The Cry of the Loon by Philippe Henry
The Harlquin Duck, The Bird of the White Waters by Philippe Henry
Philippe Henry Wildlife along the Saint Lawrence river
Philippe Henry - A Woman In The Winter Land Of Moose
Philippe Henry Beavers and Canadian Emblem!
Philippe Henry - Ivvavik National Park
Philippe Henry - Conservation in the Gaspesie National Park
Philippe Henry - The Andean Bear Book
Philippe Henry - Sandhill Cranes in Quebec
Philippe Henry - Mute and Whooper Swans
Troels Holm- Insect Photography Closeup
George Hunter - My Story
Jonathan Huyer - Polar Bears of Baffin Island
Jonathan Huyer - Great Bear Rainforest
Jonathan Huyer- Nature Photographer’s Headquarters
Jonathan Huyer - Photography in the Galapagos Islands
Jon Huyer - Polar Bears of Spitsbergen
Jon Huyer - Snowy Owls of Boundary Bay, BC
Jon Huyer - Polar Bear Cubs of Wapusk National Park
Dr. Jeremy Jackson - Trails in the North Cascades
D. Simon Jackson - Snake in a Lake!
D. Simon Jackson - Courgar jumped over the cliff.
D. Simon Jackson - What Does the Fox Say?
D. Simon Jackson - Why Walk Around the Pond?
Brad James - Tree Swallow
Brian Jens - Photo Apps
Neil Jolly - The Highwood Pass in Kananaskis
Dan Jurak - It's About the Light
Eugene Kalionau - Fabulous Alberta
Robin  and  Arlene  Karpan - Photographing the Kaskawulsh Glacier from the Air
Robin and Arlene Karpan - Saskatchewan's Best Scenic Drives
Robin and Arlene Karpan - Guide to Saskatchewan
Ahmed Kassim Dreamy World of Infrared Photography
Zoltan Kenwell - Alberta Aurora Photography
Randy Kimura - Wildlife Photography Close to Home

Sanjeev Kumar - Studio Earth Images
Artico Biota Studio
John Knight - Churchill Polar Bears
John Laprairie - Doors - Islands of Paros and Rhodes
Jack Leung - Bald Eagles of Brakendale
Gabriele Ehnes-Lilly - Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park
David Lilly - Newfoundland Undiscovered Country
David Lilly - Loons of Lac Le Jeune
David Lilly - Pheasant Photography
David Lilly - Photographing Yellow Warblers
David Lilly - Bird Adventures in Florida
David Lilly - Dancing with the Sharp-Tailed Grouse
David Lilly - Birds of a Feather Flock Together
David Lilly - Scavenger Birds
David Lilly - Reflecting on Birds
David Lilly - Bird Photography in the Winter
David Lilly - Birding Gadgets Window mount
Dave Lilly - Wild Turkeys of Alberta
David Lilly - Bird Photography Naturally
David Lilly - Photographing Warblers at Point Pelee
David Lilly - Editing your Bird Photographs in Lightroom
Photographing the White-faced Ibis by David Lilly
Marco Lopez - The Image Dictatorship
Ralph Lightman - Ospreys
Bruce Lovelace-3 Days to Photograph Desert Island
Bruce Lovelace - Photographing the Vastness of Alaska
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Snowy owls
Dr. Wayne Lynch - African Lions
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Javelina - The Cactus Pig
Dr. Wayne Lynch -Ducking Harassment
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Southern Elephant Seals
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Burrowing Owls in Alberta
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Springtime in a Prairie Slough
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Adentures with Snakes
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Bella Coola Eagles
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Drummer Boys - Ruffed Grouse
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Art from the Afterlife
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Oomingmak - The Bearded One
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Going After Gators
Dr. Wayne Lynch - The Blind Photographer
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Manatee Madness
Dr. Wayne Lynch - Sky Replacement: Photoshop Tips
Alan Mackeigan - Challenges of Bird Photography
Walter Machielsen - Lichen Photmicrography by UV
Darren Mckenna - Bird Photography and Recordings
Ray Mackenzie - One Map Tack at a Time!
Tammy McGarry - White-tailed Deer Leucism
Peter McNeil - Images of South Central Ontario
Johann A. Melvill - Karijini Park Western Australia
Al Mierau -Photographing Grand Canyon & Bryce
Al Mierau - Drumheller Valley and Dinosaur park
Sherrill Miller - A Tribute to Courtney Milne
Bryan Mierau - Photographing Saskatchewan Birds
Dr. Dale Mierau - 2015 - A Summer of Wildfires
Dr. Dale Mierau - Mealtime at the nest of a Bald Eagle

Dr. Dale Mierau - Characteristics of Bald Eagle
Dr. Dale Mierau - Photographing Eagles on Lac LaRonge
Dr. Dale Mierau - Photographing Bald Eagles N Saskat.
Marek Miś - My Look at Photomicrography
Alan Murphy - a Lifelong Birder & Bird Photographer
Ian Neilson and Nancy Murdoch - Red-necked Grebe
Megan Newman - Whereever my Camera brings me
Kaylene Newsom - Barren-ground Caribou
Michael Orton - Daydream my first Orton
Kathy Parker - Northern Elephant Seals
Mo Keypar - Traveling to the heart of the Iranian Desert
Shelley Penner - Seasoned with a Little Light Magic
Shelley Penner - Chaos tamed
Kevin Pepper - Photographing in the Fog
Kevin A. Pepper - Long Exposure Photography
Jason Pineau - Flying and Photographing the Arctic
Rudy Pohl - Wildlife Photography in Ottawa
Lauren Polowick - Fisheye Landscapes
Mama tales from Masai by Nisha Purushothaman
Chris Ratynski - HDR panoramas Top of the Rockies
Ana Rocha - Winter photography
Janice Saunders - Juan de Fuca Trail, Vancouver Island
Mark Schacter - Portraits of the Great Lakes
Mark Schacter - Bring on the Clouds
Thomas Shahan - Macrophotography of Spiders
Dr. Sharif Galal - White Ghost of the Prairies by infrared
Dr. Sharif Galal - Red Sea Corals
Dr. Sharif Galal - The Great Grey Owl
Dr. Sharif Galal - Rocky Mountain Marmot
Dr. Sharif Galal - The Great Salmon Run Adams River
Marie-France and Denis Rivard - Wildlife of Botswana
Marie-France and Denis Rivard -Great Photo Ops Birds
Marie-France & D. Rivard - Colorful Birds of Colombia
Marie-France & Denis Rivard - Wildlife in Saskatchewan
Marie-France and Denis Rivard - Warblers at their best
Rhonda Robinson - Photos - Tarmon 150-600 mm lens
Suzanne Roberts - Antelope Canyon
Suzanne Roberts - My first trip to Newfoundland

Fred Schact - Flower Photography at Calgary's Parks
Dennis Sabo - Photography of Dennis Sabo
Heather Simonds - Foxy Photography
Heather Simonds - Wetland Watch
Clive Smith - DSLR remote, High Speed Trigger...
Kyle Smith - Tips for Photographing Bears
Kyle Smith - Algonquin Park
Tina Sommers - Colorful Expectations (Crystals in polarized light)
Duane Starr - Wildlife photography near Calgary
Stephen J. Stephen - Nature Photography in Ottawa
Stephen J. Stephen - Spring in Point Pelee
Stephen J. Stephen - Nature Photography in Ottawa
Ann Timmins - Artico Biota Studio
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing in Rajasthan, India Reinhard Thomas - Great Ocean Road in Australia
Reinhard Thomas -Photographing in the Amazon
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Peru Part II
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Peru – Part 1  
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Devil's Island
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Island of Zanzibar
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Brazil’s Pantanal
Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Western Prairies

Reinhard Thomas - Photographing Cambodia
Reinhard Thomas- Photographing Madagascar
Adrian Thysee - Photographing Arthropods
Bruce Turnbull - African Photo Safari
Bruce Turnbull - Big Horns in Action
Joe Van de Vorst - HDR photography
Kamal Varma - Photography the Masai Mara Reserve
Kamal Varma - The Great Migration ( leaping Leopards)
Kamal Varma - The Big Cats in Kenya - Africa Part I

Kamal Varma - India is a Photographers Paradise
Ryan Van Der Hout - Dark Waters - laser cut Prints
Kamal Varma - Grizzlies of Campbell River
Australian Water Life by Dr. Robert Walsh
Lance Warley - Canadian Rockies
Lance Warley - Abisko Auroras
George Webber - Badlands of Southern Alberta
Michael Wigle - Eagles in Winter - Bella Coola
Mark Williams - Raptor Recovery Program
Mark Williams - Birds of prey in flight and other wildlife
Mark Williams - Photographing Snowy Owls In Winter
Steve Williamson - The Marine Life of BC’s West Coast
Steve Williamson - Spirit of the Great Bear Rainforest
Frank Wood - Fly Fishing Photography
Egan Wuth - My Backyard The Peace River Region
Paul Zizka - Moment in Time

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