Duane Allen and Kermode Photography

by Duane Allen
August 15, 2011


3 am Insomnia - waterfalls by Duane Allen ©

3AM Insomnia

The Qualicum River is located near Campbell River on Vancouver Island BC. A beautiful falls to visit and even more perfect to photograph. This day I employed a ND filter and circular polarizer with a slow shutter speed to capture this moody shot.

I selected the name "Kermode Photographic Art" with regards to the white Kermode Bear only found in British Columbia, on the Central Coast, and in particular Princess Royal Island. These bears are black bears with a gene that causes them to appear white. Much of BC's wildlife is unique and diverse but the Kermode Bear has always intrigued me.  I felt it was an appropriate name to represent my work. One direction of my photography will lead me to produce more work that will encompass subjects captured that must be sought out by the viewer. My intent is to relax the viewers mind and create a sense of peace and calm while aspects of the photograph are studied.

Transfer Beach Suinrise by Duane Allen ©

Transfer Beach Sunrise" This Photograph was captured early morning with a calm sea. The sky was beautiful and I decided to slow the shutter speed down to soften its look. Transfer Beach is in Ladysmith BC and is home of "Sea Legs Kayaking", a water park and a is wonderful area to picnic.  

Misty Mallard by Duane Allen ©

"Misty Mallard" was taken at around 5:30 am on Trout Lake in Vancouver BC. The Mist was rising just as the sun peered through the trees surrounding the small urban lake. I under exposed the shot to spotlight the Mallard and waited for it to swim through the sunlit patch through the mist.

Conflict at Skutz Falls by Duane Allen ©

Conflict at Skutz Falls

"Nature and Man" is about a natural resource polluted by man. You'll notice beer bottles and Tim Hortons cups in the stump left behind by careless people. A shame in such a diverse and life filled river ecosystem. Photgraphed at the world famous Cowichan River at Skutz Falls.

Skutz Falls by Duane Allen ©

"Skutz Falls" This shot is of Cowichan Rivers Skutz Falls and an old fish ladder. The sun was shining through the trees and a long exposure along with filters allowed me to capture the waters movement with the light rays. The Cowichan River was featured as one of Canada's "Great Canadian Rivers".

Great Blue Heron by Duane Allen ©

The great Blue Heron is a patient bird. I think we all can learn from the grace and effectiveness of this fish eater. I had no problem with handheld shutter speeds here.

Ladysmith Bay by Duane Allen ©

Ladysmith Bay Morning. Another early morning shot with a coffee and the camera. This lovely spot in the tidal flats of Ladysmith with the mist and dew was taken while the sun was sill low. Morning is my favorite time to shoot.

Belted Kingfisher Sooke River by Duane Allen ©

Belted Kingfisher Sooke River

This Shot was taken at about 5:00 am at the Sooke River tidal estuary. I slowed the shutter down to soften the water and was happy the Kingfisher decided to stay put. Sooke River is a great place to bird watch, view bears, deer, river otters or spot fish as they return from the Pacific Ocean to their hatchery enhanced waters.

Black Swan by Duane Allen ©

Black Swan Nanaimo

The Black Swan is not indigenous to BC. It is in fact rare to see here and I found a place that had imported a few pairs. They were living wild and I was excited to see they had produced many more small ones recently.

West Coast Mist by Duane Allen ©

West Coast Mist

The West Coast of BC is a magnificent place. Wild weather, wild waves, wild animals. It is a place that produces a feel of fantasy and this photograph certainly does that. I took this first thing in the morning at the Sooke River Estuary near Demamiel Creek. The mist and seaweed seemed to offer a mystical feel to the scene.

I hope you enjoy my work.

Duane Allen


My name is Duane Allen and I have no formal training in photography. I learned by simply picking up the camera, reading, and talking to experts, and continue to develop a more refined, focused style of photography as time passes. Landscape, bird and wildlife photography is my fascination as is nature, portrait work and pet photography. I also truly enjoy black and white work.  Photography that creates mood, draws out the senses, brings back memories, or travels us through time in some way are the basis of my attempts. 

Duane Allen, Kermode Photographic Art, Ladysmith BC

E-mail: dallenwest@gmail.com
Web site:www.kermodephotography.com

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