Links to Nature Photography Resources

A great way to get inspired is to look at what others are doing with photography. If you are a Nature photographer, Camera club, Photography School in Canada and would like to have a link to your site email I would also appreciate a link back to this web site. If a link is not working please let me know and I will fix it ASAP. To have your site linked consider becoming a featured photographer. I will consider link requests to other photography sites if I feel they are valuable to my visitors.

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Fellow Nature Photographers & Friends Web sites

Dr. Wayne Lynch - Canada's wildlife specialist

Hälle Flygare - Nature in Wild Places
David Lilly Photography - The Canadian Bird photographer
Alan Mackeigan - Bird & nature photographer
Bob Cameron - Black Orchid Photography
Zoltan Kenwell - Magnificent Aurora photography
Michael Orton Photography
Robert Postma - Distant Horizons
Steve Fagan - Calgary photographer
David Williams - Event Horizons Photography Winnipeg, Manitoba
Peter Dettling - Nature photographer conservationist from Canmore
Keith Logan - Large format photographer and Custom wood worker
Chris Harris - Landscape photographer
Graham Osborne - nature photographer
Adam Gibbs Photography - nature photographer
Freeman Patterson Photographer & Writer
Courtney Milne Photographer
Sherman Hines Photography
John de Visser - Author of over 50 books many on Canada
Gary and Joan Mcguffin Nature photographers
Michael Wigle nature photographer
Glen Bartley nature photographer
Dan Jurak - Alberta landscape photographer
Evelyn and Reg - Alberta Photographers
John Knight - nature photographer
Steve Williamson - Vancouver Island, BC
Wayne Bennett - Nature Photographer in Florida
Bryce Burnip - Fine Art Landscape Photographer in Vancouver, BC
Floris van Breugal - Art in Nature Photography
Larrie Thomson - Night Photographer Dot Com
Alex Sokolowski - Digital Photoalchemy
Oliver du tré Photography
Anthony Neilson- Mountain photographer and educator
Stephen Desroches - Artist and photographer
Peter McNeil - Wilderness Within Photography
David Minty - Minty Nature Photography specializing in Newfoundland
Bruce Turnbull - Nature Photography
Daniel Lefferson - Main Focus Photography
Rudy Pohl - Ottawa Wildlife & Nature Photographer
Greg Harvey - Wildlife Photographer
George Webber - Documentary photographer Calgary

Web sites featuring other Canadian Photographers

Dave Gervais - featuring a variety of Canadian Photographers
Seities - Old School photography Magazine in Calgary

Famous Photographers

Jim Brandenburg Photography - National Geographic photographer

Joel Sartore Photography - National Geographic photographer
Paul Nicklen Photography - Canadian National Geographic photographer
Thomas Mengelsen - Wildlife Photography
Jack Dykinga Photography - Large format and Digital
Tim Tadder - commercial photographer& photoshop artist
Jerry Uelsmann - master at manipulating photographs in the darkroom
Michael Kenna - specialist in black and white photography
Don Kirby - Black and white photographer
Bruce Barnbaum - Black and White photographer
Robert Hecht photography
Ansel Adams - a master in black and white photography and printing
Charles Cramer nature photography
Tim Fitzharris - Nature photographer
Elliot Porter - Large format landscape photographer
John Shaw nature photography

Photography Galleries in Calgary, Banff & Canmore

TrépanierBaer Contemporary Art and Photography
The Glenbow Museum
Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies
Exposure Calgary Festival - February
Willock & Sax gallery Banff
The Edge Gallery Canmore
New Zones Gallery Calgary
Nickle Arts Museum University of Calgary
Paul Kuhn Art Gallery in Calgary
Stride Gallery in Calgary
Truck Web Centre and Gallery Calgary
The Walter Phillips Gallery Banff Centre

Photography Competitions

Wildlife photographer of the Year Competition
Calgary Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)- Capture the Wild
Banff Mountain Photography Contest
Nature's Best Photography Contest and Magazine
Nikon small world contest
Nature photographers Online Contest
Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Photography Grants

Banff Centre grants for photography
Canada Council for the Arts

Astro-photography Sites

Alan Dyer - The Amazing Sky Astrophotography by Alan Dyer
Russell Croman Astrophotography
Jerry Lodriguss Astrophotography
Astronomy Online
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Jack Newton Astrophotographer - Bed & Breakfest in Osoyoos, BC
Backyard Astronomy Guide Book

Canadian Photography Magazines

PhotoED - Canadian magazine about photography education
Photo News - free quarterly magazine
PhotoLife Magazine
Canadian Geographic Magazine
Beautiful British Columbia Magazine
UpHere Now Magazine - North West Territories
Photography BB online Magazine

Photography Information sites

Photography Composition articles
Digital Photography review - detailed equipment evaluations
Luminous Landscape - devoted to art landscape and nature photography
Calgary Institute for Photography

Photoshop tutorials and utilities

Deviant Art - source of inspiration and utilities
Adobe Photoshop CC

Videography and Canadian Videographers

Pat & Baiba Morrow
Necessary Journeys - Karsten Heur and Leanne Allison
Telefilm Canada promoting canadian audiovisual industry

Photography with a Microscope

Charles Krebs photomicrography
Photography through the microscope
Stacking photomicrographs for greater depth of field
Snowflake Photography

Arthropod Photography

Thomas Shahan - Spiders and Bugs
Exposure stacking for greater depth of field
Camera set up for ultra-closeup photography of bugs
Focus stacking technique
Helicon Focusing software to stack images
Focus stacking with Adobe Photoshops

Panoramic Photography - Expanded links

International association of panoramic photographers IVRPA
360 Spherical Panoramas by Martin van Hemert
Strahov Library - a 360 Gigapixel VR panoramic movie - Panoramas of the major cities
Underwater Panoramas 360 cities
Aerial and landscape 360 panaromas
Sam Rohn 360 VR movies
Russian web site with arial VR tours.
GigaPan Baldy Mountain
Panomashup virtual tours of London - Google map and custom interface
German 3D spherical pan photographer - amazing image
Helicopter 3D spherical panaroma
Sunrise and constellations - 3D spherical panorama
Ahmed Kassim Photography Calgary - aerial and 360 spherical photography
Ski resort 3D VR with falling snow using krpano plugin
Jason Pineau Photography Yellowknife 3D VR aurora
Sonavisual digital multimedia
Aerial Panorama Photography -
Volcano 3D Panorama and 3D pans from space
Taj Mahal 3D pan from the air using remote helicopter
Swaminarayan Akshardham, Delhi, India 360 Aerial Panorama
BR 360
Plaza De La marina Espanola - Virtual Tour with voice over and multimedia interface
Harald Woeste - author of panoram photography book
Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography - Book 2009 - unfortunately overpriced
Work Above - Alberta firm specializing in Aerial photography
Panoramic Portraits by Omer Calev very unusual and excitying application of panoramic photography
Omer Caliv - documenting people with panoramic photography

Equipment and Software Links

Nodal Ninja VR heads
Miscellaneous tools for VR photography e.g. remote helicopters
PTGui - panorama software
Kolor Panotour Pro VR software
Autopano 3.0 from Kolor
Krpano software for stitching panoramas
Garden Gnome software for stictching panoramas and Object VR
Easy Pano - VR software
Object VR Javascript player
Magic 360 Object V R script - costs $$$
HTML 5 virtual tours
Apple HTML 5 VR software showcase
SlikyPix Developer Studio - upload your images and they make your pano movie
JQuery 360 degree scripts for Object VR
360 Precision tripod heads
SuperCubic stitching software for Photoshop
Flaming Spear software bend panoramas into weird shapes
Field of View Accelerated panorama viewer software
Amazon pro weather balloon
PanoPress Plugin for Wordpress


Iphone Photography

Dan Burkholder - cell phone photography and Photoshop
iPhone Photography Awards


Photo Supplies and Stores in Calgary

The Camera Store in Calgary
Vistek in Calgary - also offer printing services
Saneal Camera in Calgary
ABL Imaging in Calgary
Technicare Calgary
Resolve Photo Printing in Calgary

Photography Club Links

Calgary Camera Club
Foothills Camera Club in Calgary
Calgary Photographic Society
Cochrane Camera Club
Crossroads Camera Club Edmonton Alberta
The Canadian Association of Professional Image creators CAPIC
Midland Camera Club in Ontario


Schools in and around Calgary where you can learn Photography

SAIT continuing education photography courses (R. Berdan instructor)
Mount Royal College Photography
Red Deer College Continuing Education Photography programs in Photoshop (R. Berdan instructor)


Other Photography Links of Interest

NANPA North American Nature Photography Association

Birds as Art Photography by Arthur Morris
Nature Photographers Online Magazine US
Steve Berardi - PhotoNaturalist
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography

PhotoStartSheet - lists hundreds of Photography web sites if you are looking for more resources


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