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The Canadian Nature Photographer is a resource for nature lovers, photographers and artists. You will find photography articles, tutorials, galleries, videos, online courses and workshops. All photographers and artists are welcome to contribute. Articles are not restricted to Canadian content. All photographs and articles on this site are copyright by their respective authors - to inquire about purchasing images contact the authors. This web site is operated by Dr. Robert Berdan and the site is transitioning to a mobile friendly layout but older articles will still appear in the previous design format.

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Photo Apps by Brian Jens The rapid development of modern technologies leads to the fact that we can edit photos right on smartphones and tablets without spending any money and time for purchasing programs and studying their features. Even if the picture turned out to be "far from the best," we can apply filters to it - read article.

Nik Software by Google now Free

Google Nik Photo Editing Software now Free by Dr. Robert Berdan This month Google announced its Nik Photo Editing software is now available for free. The software did cost $149.00 for both Windows and Mac. The software can work as stand alone program but works better when integrated as a plugin into Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture - read article.

Botswana sunset by Marie-France and Denis Rivard ©

Birds and Wildlife of Botswana By Marie-France and Denis Rivard In the fall of 2014, our journey in southern Africa ended with a visit to Botswana, known as one of Africa’s great destination for ecotourism. This is a place where birds and wildlife are abundant and can be seen at close range in their natural environment - read more.

Red-headed barbet  by Marie-France and Denis Rivard ©

Photoshop CC2015.1.2 - What's New by Dr. Robert Berdan Photoshop is a primary tool for many photographers. Some photographers prefer Lightroom because it easier to learn.The bottom line is that both programs come for one price about $9.95 US\month as subscription to the cloud - read article.

Red-headed barbet  by Marie-France and Denis Rivard ©

2015 - A Summer of Wildfires in Northern Saskatchewan By Dr. Dale Mierau I observe Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) on Lac La Ronge in Northern Saskatchewan during the breeding season between May and October- read article.

Wildebeests by Kamal Varma ©

The Great Migration (and leaping Leopards) by Kamal Varma Kenya offers the wildlife enthusiast an endless supply of photographic opportunities.  Whether it’s the thunderous roar of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest leaping the banks of the Mara River, the majestic beauty of the Cheetah Kenya seems to offer it all - read more.

Underwater photography by Dr. Sharif Galal  ©

Underwater photography at Ras Mohamed Marine National Park by Dr. Sharif Galal Words like, gorgonian, clownfish, stingrays and trigger fish may sound like creatures out of fantasy world. It is the the last fully unexplored territory on our planet - The underwater world - read more.

Saxophone player under the aurora Yellowknife by Robert Berdan

Arctic Adventure September 2015 by Dr. Robert Berdan. The tundra was painted with the colors of fire. On one hike we encountered a grizzly bear. We spotted several caribou behind the cabins but not as many as previous years. We had a few nights of good aurora and mushrooms were particularly abundant this year - this is the first article in the new web format - read more about our Arctic adventure.

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