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The Canadian Nature Photographer is a resource for nature lovers, photographers and artists. You will find photography articles, tutorials, galleries, videos, online courses and workshops. All photographers and artists are welcome to contribute. Articles are not restricted to Canadian content. All photographs and articles on this site are copyright by their respective authors - to inquire about purchasing images contact the authors. This web site is operated by Dr. Robert Berdan and on January 1, 2016 this website became mobile friendly (responsive). Many of the older articles are still in the old web design format. To get back from the old layout just click the welcome link.

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Peru Reinhard Thomas ©

Photographing Peru – Part 1   Lima to Cuzco by Reinhard Thomas Peru is a fascinating, culturally rich country with stunning man-made and natural attractions. From the High Andes Mountains with peaks of over 6700m to the jungle of the Amazon basin - read more.

Photoshop2017CC screen shot

Photoshop 2017CC - What's New by Dr. Robert Berdan Photoshop CC 2017 was released in December of 2016. If you are subscriber you simply update the software with the Adobe cloud tool and you will have its' new features - read more.

Jumping Spider by Adrian Thysee ©

Photographing Arthropods by Adrian Thysse Since the age of 9 I have been fascinated with nature, and in my early teens, I received my first film camera and began learning to use a camera to record my interest in the natural world. Until the digital era, I was a generalist - read more.

Devils Island by Reinhard Thomas

Photographing around Devil’s Island by Reinhard Thomas Off the coast of South America lies the small archipelago of Iles Du Salut or Salvation Islands consisting of 3 islands. The islands belong to the French overseas department of French Guiana (Guiana) - read more.

Antelope Canyon by Suzanne Roberts ©

Antelope Canyon by Suzanne Roberts The Antelope Canyon had been on my bucket list for a while. A couple of years ago, I saw a very large print of the beautiful red canyon which intrigued me and I instantly knew I wanted to see it with my own eyes - read more.

Jeep on winter road by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Winter & Wildlife Around Calgary  - Part I by Dr. Robert Berdan In this article I would like to share with you some of my favourite winter photography locations around Calgary. I have broken this article into two parts - read more.

Snowy Owl by Robert Berdan ©

Photographing Winter & Wildlife Around Calgary - Part II by Dr. Robert Berdan Snowy owls can be elusive. To find snowy owls the best locations near Calgary are around Beiseker and then south of Calgary around Mossleigh in my experience. I drive on average of a 100 km in order to spot a single snowy owl - read more.

Night Sky with crop duster by Bhaskar Bowmik ©

Photographing the Night Sky by Bhaskar Bhowmik But night photography does not have to be just about the starry sky; there are endless possibilities for beautiful images. I shoot with a Nikon D750 and use either 14-24mm, 20mm or the 24-70mm lens at night depending on the scene - read more about night photography.

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